So, for some of those who own some Wacom tablets, you may have run into a problem where, sometimes, your Windows pc boots up, and the tablet... just mysteriously fails to respond.

Like me, after much frustration, you may have discovered the restart-TabletWacomService "trick", which removes the need to reboot, and was probably a lifesaver.

Still, this is a bit of pain, and could be easier (easiest would be drivers that actually work, but that rant is best saved for a different blog post...)

Anyway, up till now I was too lazy to get around to this (don't know why), but it's actually incredibly simple to automate this task with a batch file. You just use the commands "net stop TabletServiceWacom" followed by "net start TabletServiceWacom". To save you 30 seconds of typing, I've put this into a convenient batch file which you can download here. (Note that Chrome might get a bit upset that this batch file might be "dangerous" as it's "not frequently downloaded". Well spotted Google, I only just put it up today! Anyway, you can trust me, honest. Or not. Just make your own .bat files with the above commands)

Put it on your desktop or something. You'll need to make sure you run this as administrator (right click, then "run as administrator"!) since Microsoft doesn't want the average joe running around starting and stopping services.

If all goes well, you may have just saved yourself 2 minutes of your life every day! (I accept donations of bakery items... or better yet, go buy one of my games - I promise I'll use proceeeds for bakery items ;) )