So after last week's post, I thought maybe I'd make a habit of showing progress with our (Still nameless) upcoming game. It could be a *thing* - certainly my dev-blog could do with a *thing* right now...

So here's another update - not a huge amount has changed since last week, but some definite progress. Right now this project is not our day job - we are working on other contracts, as well as supporting our existing games, so progress is limited to whatever we can get done in our limited spare time (oh, also, did I mention I have 2 little kids? Spare time is a precious commodity!)

So what's new? A few new environment variations (a little less grey!), improved lighting/shading (some extra shader stuff done in GLSL - we'll see how it performs on low end devices), as well as functioning keys/locked doors. Ok, I know "get key X to open door X", is as old as the (digital) hills, but I'm not going to refuse to use that mechanic because its been done before!!!

A note on sound: the music was written for the game, but was rather quickly thrown together - there's a good chance we'll keep this main track in some form, but the finally quality will hopefully be much better (and a little less generic). The 2nd tune in this video is the current "game over" theme (again a very rough draft) :)