Now available for Android, MiniSquadron is a frantic shooter involving lots of little planes vying for supremacy of the skies!

Perform loop-the-loops, Immelman turns and other daring aerial shenanigans with a super-fluid control system and experience the joy of freedom in the air.
Take your friends on head-on with Local WiFi Multiplayer!

Ranked #3 in AppAdvice's "Top 100 iPhone Games of All Time".

Originally developed for iPhone and iPod Touch by Supermono, we are excited to finally bring this amazing title to Android.

Check out the official site

Update 1.12: Out now!
Fix crash when firing on the loading screen
Better detecting of true multitouch phones in Android 2.1. (Should fix button position for Galaxy phones,Milestone etc. missed in update v1.1)
Misc other fixes.

Update 1.11
Touch screen controls were getting incorrectly scaled in the menus - causing problems with selecting planes.

Update 1.1
Back button exits on the main menu
Fixed sticking controls.
Fixed offset controls.
Lite version can now select planes on row 4.
Some crash fixes
Move fire button to bottom right - for Droid,DroidX,Incredible,GalaxyS - in android 2.1
Misc other fixes

MiniSquadron is available for Android, iPhone, and Palm

You can purchase MiniSquadron at this link
To buy from your phone, search for MiniSquadron in the android market or scan the barcode below with your android phone
(you'll need an app such as Google Goggles, Barcode Scanner to do this)

Or if you're not sure about buying yet, why not try the free lite version

Buy the iphone version with itunes
Buy the Palm version
I get an "installation unsuccessful" error when i try to download
First, check that your payment went through - if your card was declined Google still lets you download the game for some reason, but it won't install.

If this isn't the cause, then its likely you're seeing a problem with Android 2.2 and apps installing to the SD card. Some solutions that we know of are:

1. Try rebooting your phone. This can often free up memory/disk space that was preventing the installation from being successful

2. On your SD card, locate and delete the file .android_secure/smdl2tmp1.asec then try again. Note, that unless your phone is rooted you will not be able to access this file using your phone. You will need to connect your phone to your pc/mac with a usb cable, navigate to your sd card using explorer/finder and delete the file that way.

3. unmount the sd card (Settings/sd card/unmount sd card) and reinstall. It will go to internal memory, but you'll be able to move it back to the sd card right away.

4. Another suggestion is that the phone's internal "cache" folder is getting full and causing the install to fail. What has worked for several users is to do a "clear data" and "clear cache" on the Android Market app, as well as any other apps that might be using a lot of cache space. You'll find the option to this under the "all" tab at Settings/Manage applications/Application/Market

If none of these solutions work please contact and we can give you a link to the .apk file for the game, which you can download and install manually. This is almost always successful (which is another reason why we believe the problem does not lie with our game)

You may be able to find further assistance at the android market support site

The game says it can't verify the license, but i bought it!
We use Google's recommended license verification system that will occasionally contact the android market servers to check that the game is licensed. On rare occasions, we have seen glitches where it will persistently fail to connect. Usually, resetting your phone (power off, then back on) will resolve this. You should also make sure that if this error occurs, that you have a network/data connection available.

Why is the fire button in the top corner?
There are good reasons for this! On many android devices, the multi-touch support is... lets say... not very good. They can't distinguish between 2 touches if they overlap, either vertically, or horizontally. For this reason the only place on the screen where pressing the fire button won't mess up the thumbstick controls, is the top right.

I know! Its a huge pain, but there's nothing we can do to fix it - it seems to be a hardware problem... If your phone has a trackball/pad or d-pad why not try using that as fire button. We at Gray Fin much prefer it!

Heres a somewhat overly dramatic(!) video that illustrates the issue (HTC desire versus a Samsung)

What? But surely not on Phone X?
Many newer phones work just fine (Droid, DroidX, Incredible, GalaxyS)... but right now we can't detect that in our game without android 2.2. In Android 2.1, we try to detect compatible phones based on model number, but we don't have an exhaustive list of what all those model numbers are for every single phone out there... If you believe your phone should be supported - ie you *know* it has perfect multitouch - let us know the exact text in the Model Number box at at Settings/AboutPhone.

The fire button sometimes "sticks" and i can't fire
This is a known issue with Motorola phones (Droid, DroidX). We're trying our best to come up with a fix.

The game looks messed up on my Samsung Moment / Spica
Yeah, theres something wierd about those phones thats causing them to misbehave... We're trying to find the cause, and will release a fix as soon as we know what's happening

How do I connect with multiplayer?
The steps for playing multiplayer are:
player 1: Choose new game, select a level, press start. A screen pops ups saying "challenge issued"
player 2: Wait for player 1 to complete the above, then select "join game"
Players must be in wi-fi range of each other, and connected to the same wi-fi network
After a few seconds player 1's name should appear on player 2's phone. Select this, and "challenge accepted" message should pop up and then both players should progress to the plane selection screen
After selecting planes you should progress to the game.

Despite what some reviews have said, the game does not support internet play - only local wifi.

Can I play multiplayer against iphone players?
Unfortunately, not right now. The iphone version of the game uses Apple's proprietary connection service, and right now we aren't able to connect with it from Android devices. It's something we hope to fix in the future however.

MiniSquadron crashes on my HTC One
We've had reports of crashes on HTC One. It seems to be caused by the beats audio enhancement software that is preinstalled on your phone. Until we find a fix, you should try disabling this.
Let us know what you think!